Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Although NIPMO has a very strong regulatory and compliance function conferred to NIPMO through its enacting legislation, NIPMO acknowledges that the creation of an enabling foundation within a solid framework will have greater and far-reaching impact. NIPMO plays this empowering function through a number of different platforms, including those with financial impact.

Office of Technology Transfer Support Fund

The IPR Act mandated that all institutions (universities and science councils) establish an office of technology transfer. These offices perform a variety of functions but in essence are required to identify, protect, manage and commercialized and/or utilize intellectual property that is generated at their institution. This task requires that an office, collectively, has a range of qualifications, expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge to perform technology transfer.

The Office of Technology Transfer Support Fund is designed to assist the institutions with the employment of individuals within offices for a defined period, provide upskilling of these individuals through numerous structured training interventions [for some see training tab] as well as specialised review of the institution’s IP Portfolio or part thereof. This funding is managed in terms of Guideline 7.1 of 2017

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