World IP Day celebration at University of Johannesburg

World IP Day celebration at University of Johannesburg
Ms Caro Buitendag
+27 11 559 2580

World IP Day Fun & IP Learning event for teams consisting of staff, students, UJ societies, etc

“The IP Games” - On the day, these teams will partake in an obstacle course consisting of both a mental and physical element. Obstacles will include large inflatables, such as a waterslide, 13m high giant slide and a “knock out” jumping castle.

Each obstacle will represent a stage in the innovation development process, starting off with:

  • Obstacle one as “Catch the Idea”. For this obstacle, assistance of individuals from UJ Sports Teams (Soccer, Rugby, etc.) would be needed/incorporated. There would be a need for the teams partaking to collectively chase after one sport individual to catch the ball (symbolising the idea). They will keep it safe for all involved and classify a “catch” based on the “touch” principle.
  • Obstacle two is “Protect the IP” where teams have to secure the idea, team names, logo, slogan and creative “protective gear” (which would be a requirement for entering their team) by obtaining all the right forms of IP from marshals.
  • Obstacle three will provide two obstacles, should they get all the IP forms correctly, they can take the easy route and slide down the waterslide, if they get it wrong, they have to go through the “knock out” jumping castle and run back to obstacle two until they get the right IP protection forms.
  • Obstacle four represents the challenging climb of developing the idea closer to a commercial venture, but once you get to the top, you are rewarded and reap the benefits by enjoying the slide.
  • National Intellectual Property Management Office will be there
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