World IP Day 26 April 2021 “IP & SMEs: Taking your ideas to market”

World IP Day 26 April 2021 “IP & SMEs: Taking your ideas to market”

Dear NIPMO Stakeholder

The World Intellectual Property (IP) Day is celebrated every year on 26 April. The theme for 2021 is SMEs & IP: Taking your ideas to market. It is said that every business starts with an idea meaning that the millions of SMEs that operate across the globe every day started with a just an idea that is translated into a product, inserted into the market, which in turn contributes to the development of the economy.

For ideas to play a vital role in ensuring a boost to the economy, it is important to note that they need to be nurtured and enriched with ingenuity; the know-how and flair of an idea becomes an IP asset that can drive the development of businesses, lead to economic recovery and human progression.

At a time when we are all facing a world crisis there is a need for economic recovery and the World IP Day 2021 shines a light on the critical role of SMEs in boosting the economy and how the use of IP rights can build stronger, more competitive and resilient businesses.

Campaign message from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

  • SMEs are the backbone of national economies that make up for a large percentage of job creation, which can be fostered through the use of IP.
  • SMEs with ingenuity to create a product or a service that are on demand can use IP rights to safeguard and create value from their business assets.
  • IP rights can turn an idea into a business opportunity, generate value, and enrich the choice of products available to consumers.
  • It is important to use IP rights to safeguard business ideas in order to create value from individual business assets.

World IP Day 2021 highlights the central role that WIPO and national/regional IP offices around the world play in creating favourable conditions for SMEs, encouraging innovation and creativity, powering economic recovery and job creation.

The campaign celebrates all ingenuity and creativity that lies behind every SME and the contributions made by SMEs in different communities. It also about how the IP system; Patents, Designs, Trade Marks, Geographical Indications, Plant Breeders Rights, Trade Secrets and Copyright can support the emergence of SMEs.

Be part of the World IP Day 2021

  • Organize an event
  • Join the conversation on social media using hashtag #worldipday

Different ways to engage the public:

  • exhibitions, workshops, public performance and public debates; and should talk to key issues on IP, encourage respect for IP creators and creativity and also display how consumers can benefit from IP.
  • Networking events between businesses play a key role in IP; this could include award ceremonies to those playing key roles within the IP space.

For more suggestions on how you can get involved, please visit:

Within the same spirit, the National Intellectual Property Management Office (NIPMO) would like to encourage you to host IP advocacy and awareness events that are inclusive of different institutions or any other related activities during the month of April 2021 (as early as 1 April – 30 April 2021 and beyond).

You are kindly requested to indicate to us how your institutions will be participating in any of the suggested IP awareness events or other ideas that you may have for the World IP Day 2021 celebrations at your institution, and the dates of such activities. NIPMO would love to take part in any event you may be organising, so please indicate if you would like us to be thereJ!

Kindly revert to us by 22 March 2021 confirming the date of your institution’s IP event, and to discuss other ideas that you may have for World IP Day 2021 celebrations at your institution.


Ms Nodumo Maluleke:, 012 844 0289

We trust that the co-operation between the NIPMO and your institution is further strengthened by this collaboration.

Yours Sincerely,

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