WIPO-NIPMO - Workshop on Intellectual Property Innovation Policy

WIPO-NIPMO - Workshop on Intellectual Property Innovation Policy

This training course is offered by WIPO jointly with the National Intellectual Property Management Office of South Africa (NIPMO) for the benefit of developing countries.

Why the course is offered
The course is offered to enhance the skills and knowledge of officials dealing with innovation policy and intellectual property strategies.

At the end of the course, participants will be familiar with different mechanisms and tools that may be used to formulate effective IP strategies and innovation policy.

Program highlights

  • Setting the Policy Context: Intellectual Property (IP) and Public Policy in Developing Countries Today
  • Fundamentals of Innovation: Technological and non-technological innovations
  • Country reports on national experiences on IP innovation policy
  • IP innovation strategies in the private sector
  • Methodology for the development and formulation of IP strategies
  • Developing a strategic branding portfolio: Practical approach
  • Innovation in informal Sector: Practical approach
  • IP innovation in non-technological sectors: Success stories
  • Technology transfer and innovation policy: South African
  • New approaches to university innovation, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship
  • Workshop on
  • Workshop on IP branding and IP marketing
  • Workshop on IP commercialization and IP valuation
  • Workshop on IP innovation in various industries and sectors
  • Workshop on how to draft and formulate an innovation policy
  • Open Source Technology, Open Access, Open Transfer
  • Innovation in Creative Industries
  • Visit to an innovation hub

Who should enroll

  • Officers from public R&D institutions
  • Officials of relevant ministries
  • Officers from public entities dealing with innovation

DL course required
DL-450 IP Management – register at https://welc.wipo.int


Registration :

Documents to be uploaded

Recent Curriculum Vitae *

  • Copy of passport *
  • DL 450 Certificate
  • Recommendation letter

Documents marked with * are mandatory.

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