WIPO-NIPMO _new-WIPO-NIPMO Advanced Workshop on Intellectual Property Policy-PDP new format PDP New blended format starting from 2021

WIPO-NIPMO _new-WIPO-NIPMO Advanced Workshop on Intellectual Property Policy-PDP new format PDP New blended format starting from 2021

This workshop is offered by WIPO jointly with the National Intellectual Property Management Office of South Africa (NIPMO) for the benefit of developing countries.

Why the course is offered
The workshop is offered to enhance the skills and knowledge of officials from relevant Ministries or public institutions dealing with innovation policy and IP strategies. At the end of the course, participants will be able to use new mechanisms and tools to formulate an effective innovation policy

Curriculum highlights
The curriculum comprises of four phases.

Phase 1: Advanced Distance Learning Course for 4 weeks
Selected participants must complete the Advanced Distance Learning Course on IP Management (DL-450) prior to their participation in the face-to-face training or online course. Participants who have completed the DL-450 within two years prior to their selection will be exempted from re-taking the DL course again. The DL-450 will take place for a period of four weeks from the notification of selection. An assessment and exam will take place at the end of the DL course.

Phase 2: Training for 2 Weeks
Face-to-face training will be organized for two weeks, unless otherwise specified later. The main part of the program will include the on-job training on how to formulate a good IP innovation policy.
The program will also include inter alia the following themes:

  • Country reports on national experience of IP innovation policy;
  • Methodology for the development and formulation of IP strategies;
  • Innovation in the informal sector: A practical approach;
  • Simulation exercises on drafting a good innovation policy;
  • Open source technology, open access and open transfer; and
  • Developing a strategic branding portfolio: A practical approach.

Phase 3: Identification, Research and Guidance on Assignments for 8 Weeks
Participants will be requested to research on defined assignments pertaining to IP innovation policy under the guidance of an assigned tutor selected within the pool of experts. The timeframe for submitting the assignment by each participant will be eight weeks after the training.

Phase 4: Award of Professional Development Certificate
“Professional Development Certificate (PDC)” will be granted to participants who fulfill and meet all requirements set out in the PDP curriculum. No participant will be awarded a certificate if s/he has not completed all other phases of the PDP curriculum

Language of training

Who should enroll
Officers from public research and development (R&D) institutions; Officials of relevant ministries; Officers from public entities dealing with innovation.

DL course required (see phase 1 of the curriculum highlights)
Advanced Distance Learning Course on IP Management (DL-450)

Basic Information

  • Venue: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Language: English
  • Tutored: Yes
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Course administrator: pdp@wipo.int

Current session


  • Registration: 03-Jan-2021 - 23-May-2021
  • Course: 19-Jul-2021 - 30-Jul-2021

Documents to be uploaded

  • Recent Curriculum Vitae *
  • Copy of passport *
  • DL 450 Certificate
  • Recommendation letter

Documents marked with * are mandatory.

Registration link


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