Technology and Innovation Support Centre

Technology and Innovation Support Centre

The Technology and Innovation Support Centre platform aims to stimulate innovation and thus economic growth in South Africa by facilitating access to technological information and by strengthening the capacity of the country to effectively exploit the information found in technology databases.

In particular, the project comprises of the establishment and maintaining of Technology and Innovation Support Centres (TISCs) both independently and within associated networks, such within the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) network, in South Africa.

The platforms offer varies methods of training such as:

Technology Innovation Support Centre Annual Workshop- Communication on the workshop will be continuously updated on the site. This year’s Theme: “Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) Workshop on Identifying and Using Intellectual Property Information in the Public Domain for the ultimate goal of utilization of such Intellectual Property” 04 – 06 March 2019, Milkplum Cafe at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens, Gauteng. Topics to be discussed comprise of:

  1. Guide on Inventions in the Public Domain and Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search Identifying Technology Information Needs: Deconstructing an Invention
  2. The Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) Search Process: Developing the Search Strategy
  3. The Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) Search Process: FTO Search Report, Analysis and Final Report

Distance Learning Courses (DL) – These courses are offered to under the framework of cooperation between the WIPO and TISCs (i.e. all institutions/organizations that have entered into a TISC Hosting Agreement with NIPMO or are in the process of concluding such Agreement) and are aimed at enhancing knowledge and skills in intellectual property (IP) related topics. The courses range from basic, intermediate to advanced and the intermediate courses are pre-requisites to advanced courses. The courses can be accessed at:

Webinars: This provides the TISC Host institution with access to experts in the TISC platform with IP knowledge. Communication on webinars will be continuously updated on the site.

Lungelwa Kula
+27 12 844 0204
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